>Save your life


Save your life by I.ma.gi.na.ção
Save your life, a photo by I.ma.gi.na.ção on Flickr.

This week I have been attacked by a colleague, possessed by the Bokitto spirit, at the office. Sometimes I think I have followed the wrong carrier and that I should have studied something around the human brain.

My first reaction is to cry. Not because I feel victimized by the situation or because I feel less than someone else. To cry is the way my body reacts when submitted to strong e-motions (I also cry when coming down in a roller-coaster for instance).

I understand how people get murdered by sick people, that are under a huge amount of stress and cannot control him/herself. If human beings were able to control themselves on those situations, there wouldn’t be a need for drugs or therapists and there would be much less suffering in the world.

This colleague shouted to the wrong person: he should shout to himself and move himself to the office of a therapist. They can truly help us when we get to this point.

And yet, what most surprises me is the message that comes at the end of such attacks: “Don’t get me wrong, is not personal”. This is the most hypocrite sentence extensively used on this side of the world to justify a bad behavior: one does whatever he wants to do, and in the end says it was not personal.

People, wake up.





I am not going to write about normal perspective, but about the concept of perspective.

Sometimes you need to be shaken on your basis to get the answers you waited so much for. Most of the times I recognize the messenger and I am grateful for the message, even though it makes me cry on first instance.

I am putting two pictures here. These are scenes I look every day. But today, they were a bit different. The matter is the same, but the perspective is quite different.


I think I will be doing B&W for a while.


>Cooked leeks and ego leaks

>There was a time between my come back to work and my complete recovery that I call “bitch time”. During those days my patience was very short and my list with dreams very long. I bet that this feeling came from my realization that life was short and for me, somehow, spending time into the office was not “live” but just “subsist”.

After a couple of months re-learning (or accepting) how exciting my Oracle DBA life can be, I’ve got back to normal but my credibility… hummm.. I need to work on it. I am getting the same bitchy answers back from colleagues I have been bitchy with. Very subtle and elegant answers.

My pain-body has made another pain-bodies awake. Like zombies, they try to get me into small vendettas. And I just can say thank you, because I recognize the provocations, say sorry about my bad behavior lately, and laugh.

Something else, I made this gorgeous leek with wine and thyme. Wonderful and easy.

Take four leeks, peel the external skin and save the dark green leaves. Cut the leeks on pieces like this:


Take two of the dark green leaves and slice them thin, and wash them very well (those peaces always come with lots of soil):


In a big pan, where the leek pieces can fit nicely on each other, with enough space, smelt 100g butter, add 2 garlic cloves (squeeze them) and a lot of thyme. Add also the donker green leaves and fry it for a while:


Add the leek pieces, mixing weel, pour around 2 glasses of white wine, 300ml water and a GOOD broth (I use this vegetarian powder, wonderful taste!).


Cover and let it cook on a very low fire. Really low. Around 30 minutes.


I ate them with a good long cooked meat and bimi broccoli. DELICIOUS.


And to finalize my day, my Hortensias are flowering. I’ve got them form Marcel’s parents for our marriage two years ago and they are full of white flowers. I talk tot them every evening. Beautiful!




Choices by WinnieMinnie
Choices, a photo by WinnieMinnie on Flickr.

This picture tells me a story of a boy who is busy making choices. He is just playing and yet developing one of the skills that are very important in life: choice making.

Life is a game: you are presented with choices, many of them, for every different aspect of life. You look, analyze and take your decision.

I don’t believe on absolutely wrong and also not on absolutely right decisions.

Choices are as they are: you make your choices and for the sake of your sanity, stick to them. If after sometime you think your choice was not really the best for you, step back, make another choice and stick to it!

What kills a man are not the choices he does. What kills a man is his eternal uncertainty if his choice was “The Best” one.

>Small life


Small life by WinnieMinnie
Small life, a photo by WinnieMinnie on Flickr.

Who are you? You are one of the 6.92 billion people living in one of the hundred billion solar systems into one of the hundred billion galaxies that exist.

Have you thought about it?

I did not plan to snap the little spider on the flower. Was not my intention. Sometimes you need to put your camera on the most unexpected places and just shoot and see what you get. Nice to do.

>Preserving the language


I speak Portuguese but we live in Netherlands. My oldest son speaks fluently both Portuguese and Dutch. He has captured all the English he could from the time I still spoke English with Mr. M.

But my smallson doesn’t speak Portuguese. Not at all! I insisted like many mothers do, but when he was 2 1/2, during one of his tantrums, impotent, he shouted to me: “I hate you and this language you speak”.

It was portuguese.

By then, I was crossing a burn-out with severe depression symptoms. I had the strong sensation that people were made of plastic. Mr. M. was for most of the time traveling, I had a full time job, a house and two kids.  Smallson was doing very bad on “Kindergarden”, unable to progress on the most basic stuff.

I gave up and started to speak Dutch. Thanks to this, our relationship improved A LOT. He is still able to understand my language a bit, because I still talk to bigson in Portuguese, but his development on Portuguese is a bit behind (don’t worry, the boy is a genius like his brother, just on this aspect is he behind… kkkk).

And because of this, I started with a little project and may be I can find another mothers that want to share it with me. I did a small pilot with five pictures. Take a look:

To build this  I use an application called “Flashcards”. It’s the same cue cards we used when we were kids at school. It is available for IPhone and IPad (not sure if available for Android).
I make a spreadsheet and on one column I put the picture HTTP address (the side one of the cue card), on another column the sound (recorded with Garageband from Apple) and the word on portuguese (the side 2). I then copy & past the spreadsheet into the website with a “secret code”. Than I download it on the IPad.
Voilá! An interesting game for the punks and I use my pictures for something.
I am interested to make contact with another mothers that have IPads/IPhones and want to share the task of recording sounds/writing words/collecting images into a spreadsheet so we can make a huge Portuguese dictionary in the form of a game for our kiddos. 
I commit to teach you the best way to do it and I have even thought about a system of recording/classifying/organizing the words.
Interested? Manifest!



_MG_4244.jpg by WinnieMinnie
_MG_4244.jpg, a photo by WinnieMinnie on Flickr.

Funny, the white roses are gone. They didn’t last very long. I am not sure if because of the warmth or if because they were already old.

But the red ones are stunning! Every day I spend long minutes just appreciating them. The texture, the colors. Today what have called my attention was the texture and how the small veins cross the petals and how the play of light and shadows increases the dimension of this small, unique rose.

I hope to have depicted it correctly. I used the available tools to try to make more evident what I see. I should do the same on other life aspects. There is so much more on images than on words!

Images say more than a 1000 words.